Portable And Permanent Sprinkler Systems

Portable Sprinkler Systems

We also specialize in a variety of portable sprinkler systems, including aluminum pipe and the Certa-Lok/Certa-Set Yelomine PVC system. Aluminum sprinkler pipe is highly versatile and can be used either as a solid set system or a portable hand-move system. Although expensive, labor intensive, and high maintenance, it is an efficient irrigation method for germination and high value row crops.

Developed and patented by Jim Clare, CEO of Pacific SouthWest Irrigation, the Certa-Lok and Certa-Set Yelomine PVC systems are best known for their efficiency, tight water seals, durability, and low maintenance.

Permanent Sprinkler Systems

Permanent sprinkler systems, also known as solid set systems, are typically constructed as underground systems using either PVC or aluminum pipe. They are considered the “cadillac” of sprinkler irrigation.